Program & Awards



The conference program included 149 projects: 30 oral and 119 poster presentations. Project abstracts were evaluated using a two-phase process (abstract evaluation and poster and oral presentation evaluation). The judging committee was so impressed with the quality of the work, and was faced with a very difficult task in selecting the best presentations.

The four projects selected in the oral presentation category, not in any particular order, are:

  • Using Mobile Augmented Reality Technology in Historical Recreation: A Case Study in Dar Al-Saraya Museum by Jafar Al-Badarneh, Abdalkareem Al-Hawary and Feras Nassani (Jordan Univ of Science and Technology, Jordan)
  • VPTA: Virtual Physical Therapy Assistant by Ahella Mogharbel, Elham Alshareef, Wala'A Aljohani, Rawan Mannaa, Eman Al-Qahtani, Bushra Dulaih, Roaa Al-Jehani and Shuaa Alsubaie (King Abdulaziz University, KSA)
  • Solar Panel Maintenance System by Wessam G. Shehieb, Ali K. B. Jinto, Mohammad Z. Zaher and Adel A. Almahri (Ajman University, UAE)
  • Tracking Criminals Activities using Social Network Analysis by Mariam Alkaabi, Hoda Al Hameidy, Bothaina Al Baiei and Nazar Zaki (UAE University, UAE)

The nine projects selected in the poster presentation category, not in any particular order, are:

  • Mindwave Alert System by Hussam Musaed, Ali Mushtak, Mohammad Musaed Naji, Ahmed Elbur and Ayman Tawfik (Ajman University, UAE)
  • A Fast and Robust Protocol for Reconstruction and Re-Enactment of Historical Sites by Sanaa I. Abu Alasal, Madleen M. Esbeih, Eman R. Fayyad, Rami S. Gharaibeh, Mostafa Z. Ali, Ahmed A. Freewan, Monther D. Dahash (Jordan Univ of Science and Technology, Jordan)
  • Design and Implementation of an Efficient Renewable Energy Water Pumping System by Muna Dahir Ali Yusuf, Salma Mohammed Ghanim and Ali Abou-Elnour (Ajman University, UAE)
  • Medical Smart Card by Munira Alqahtani, Njoud Alobaid and Tagreed Alqarni (Imam University, KSA)
  • My Doctor: An easy and simple way to find your health service provider by Jaafar Masadeh and Omar Al Bannai (Zayed University, UAE)
  • Smart Home Energy Management System for Optimal Scheduling of Home Appliances in UAE by Abrar Mohamed Khameis Hammoudi, Shaikhah Saeed Rashed Ali Alhefiti, Ali Abou-Elnour, Musaab Hasan and Mohamad Rehan Seddiqi (Ajman University, UAE)
  • Universal Robotic Expedition Radio Controlled Car by Schuan Wallaschi and Nawzad Al-Salihi (Kurdistan University, Iraq)
  • Zakati: Smart Solution for Zakat Fund by Anood Al Marzooqi, Anood Al Menhali, Bashayer Al Daghari, Fatima Al Zaabi, Shaima Abdo and Hamda Al Breiki (Higher College of Technology, UAE)
  • A Mobile Application for Controlling Domestic Gas Cylinders Remotely by Bayan Yahya Shrahili, Wafaa Moheb Shalash, Aishah Ali Alawi, Mashael Abdrabu Al- Muzeni, Nada Hussain Al-Qahtani and Salha Hassan Al-Behairi (King Abdulaziz University, KSA)